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AI/ML. Digital Twin. Drone Autonomy. Scene Reconstruction.


We created a live broadcast video ingest system for iTunes music events.

Also, we create an iTunes Music events event app to allow fans to play live and previously-recorded streams, complete with a built-in music store.

Cable Labs

When you’re watching digital cable in North America, you’re using Habilis software.

Along with writing the software used by millions of set-top boxen, we also created the reference platform and advised on standards efforts.

Chemical Wedding

We helped Chemical Wedding with advanced realtime image processing for Artemis, the indispensible filmaking tool that’s now the most-used director’s viewfinder in modern filmmaking


With Cisco’s Reactivity group, we built a web services security appliance.

As consultants, we also led the effort to create start-up incubator services, including business development, and prototype development for a number of new ventures.


Created a “sports camera” app with never-miss “Time travel” recording, and realtime video processing for video correction, optimization and stabilization through a special lens.

We prototyped a sensor system for advanced tracking and mapping, and even detecting concusion-level events.

Heuristic Media

We helped develop parts of the award-winning Heuristic Shakespeare, including its back-end system, in-app purchasing, secure media storage and delivery.

HP/DEC + CMU Robotics Institute

We created a deep, process and knowledge based simulation to do flow and cost analysis of a PC factory — the first ever of its kind in the world. From incoming inventory to assembly to shipping, the system determined the exact cost of operation and suggested cost and time optimizations.


Developed a knowledge-based AI simulation system that was used to simulate and measure the life support of NASA’s Space Shuttle, among many other applications. Developed knowldege representation, rule systems, and truth maintenance system for the Knowledge Engineering Environment product.

NASA (United Space Alliance)

USA is a joint program between NASA, Lockheed, and Boeing. We created a machine vision and image analysis system for them that analysed the motion of personnel and machinery (like crew bridges) to premptively recommend maintenance based on real-world use.

Office of Naval Rearch (ONR)

We were a grant recipient from the Office of Naval Research to develop STEM education software.

We researched, designed, and developed 4 prototype games to be used with a STEM-based education.


We developed the prototype reference platform for European IPTV, and helped Siemens work with standards bodies on IPTV standards.

Development of IPTV systems and standards as well as digital cable TV based systems and standards. Helped standards efforts for CableLabs, CEA, and ATIS.

Vetted Security Solutions

We developed computer vision and machine learning technology for use with various cameras and advanced processing in order to monitor traffic flow and patterns, track vehicles, monitor vehicle makes and modes, and capture and track license plates.


We made Bobsled for T-Mobile. Bobsled was a the first VoIP solution for Facebook, and allowed Facebook users to call friends and leave them voice messages.

VideoIQ (Avigilon)

We helped VideoIQ add audio recording, processing and playback to their security systems.

Jaguar Land Rover

We helped develop self driving technology including sensors, navigation, mapping, object avoidance, parking, roundabouts, etc. Successfully achieved full autonomy at the Horiba Mira test track, streets in Surrey and in Milton Keynes. 

Babylon Micro-Farms

We developed multispectral imagery, computer vision, and machine learning analysis, to measure the health of agriculture and to analyze growth issues analyzing nutrients, water, and lighting.

About Habilis

Situated in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains just north of Charlottesville, VA, we’re a company that loves to solve big problems. We got our start over 20 years ago in California, and have been providing consulting services in a variety of areas ever since.

We’ve helped businesses with product definition, focus, and execution. We’ve managed large and small projects, and even projects spanning numerous groups. We’ve helped develop new technologies and ground breaking apps. We’ve helped businesses with their investment efforts. We can help you too.

Habilis performs business, project, and product development consulting. We have a team of business developers, engineers, and UX designers that have developed dozens of projects and products. We’re an Apple Vendor and have worked with the iTunes team among others developing both backend and app level media streaming technology. We were a grant recipient from the Office of Naval Research to develop STEM education software. We’ve developed video and audio communications technologies for the movie industry, the telecommunications industry, and the cable and IPTV TV industry. In a contact with NASA (through United Space Alliance), we developed machine vision systems for the Shuttle program. And we have worked with dozens of companies helping them produce award winning software available in mobile and desktop app stores.

If you’d like to talk with us about a project or business, drop us a line, won’t you?