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From ideas to working apps, requirements analysis, feature development, architecture design, build vs. buy decisions, project management, multiple group management and communication, scheduling and tracking, user testing, release engineering.


Native apps, UX development, media streaming, graphics, games, mapping and tracking, sensor processing, hardware accessories, cloud/server integration, p2p communication.


User interface and interaction design and development, usability studies, motion design, graphics design.


Video and audio processing and streaming, image analysis and computer vision, augmented reality, video and audio filtering, 2d and 3d graphics, games, TV (cable, satellite, and IPTV).


Privacy, security, and trust development, Trusted Computing Consortium and Advanced Encryption Standard development, secure software and hardware based systems from the ground up for secure media and communication both on devices and in the cloud, secure custom servers and devices.


Data and media sharing, broadcasting, databases, notifications, analytics, communication, web apps.


Custom hardware/software, Apple iOS accessory manufacturer, sensors, beacons, network meshes, game consoles, I/O devices, heads up displays, wearable devices, robotics, drones.


Large, high intensity applications, UX design and development, local servers, graphics processing.

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Habilis®, Inc. has been helping clients create products for 18 years. Over that time we've developed great technologies and apps, and helped develop businesses for clients. We are an Apple Vendor and iOS accessory device manufacture. A few of our projects include:

  • A machine vision systems for the NASA Shuttle program

  • STEM education apps under a grant from the Office of Naval Research

  • Live concert streaming from server processing to mobile devices for Apple

  • Standards development and reference platforms for digital cable and IPTV

We have helped businesses develop product definition, focus, and execution. We have managed large and small projects, and projects that span numerous groups. We have helped develop new technologies and ground breaking apps. We have helped businesses with their investment efforts. We can help you too.